What is OrdBridge?

OrdBridge is the first ever bridge enabling users to transfer BRC-20 tokens from BTC native chain to Ethereum chain and vice versa.

It is an innovative and permissionless ‘two-way bridge’ that revolutionises the transfer of BRC-20 tokens across multiple chains. Users can effortlessly and securely move any BRC-20 tokens across chains, opening up new possibilities and expanding the reach of BRC-20 tokens.

Purpose and Benefits


OrdBridge serves given purpose:

  • Enabling seamless cross-chain movement of BRC-20 tokens, providing users with flexibility and accessibility.

  • Provide deep liquidity to the otherwise relatively illiquid market of BRC-20 tokens.

  • Creating a gateway to the BRC-20 ecosystem for users who are unfamiliar with the BRC-20 interface and marketplaces


By utilising OrdBridge, users gain access to a range of benefits and advantages:

  • Enhance liquidity for current BRC-20 token holders, fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

  • Open up avenues of multiple types of token exchanges like orderbook, AMM, pick-n-choose on ethereum chain.

  • Tap into a fully developed portfolio of decentralized applications (dApps) associated with the ERC-20 token ecosystem. Few examples: token lock for team tokens, lending/borrowing against bluechip BRC-20s and many more

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